Charisse Parrott ReidTrail Riding

Charisse's love for horses started at a young age. For over 15 years, she has been surrounded by horses. Born and raised in the area, Charisse is part of an established family legacy.

Her love of horses was inherited honestly. Charisse had her first horse given to her at the age of 9. She showed competitively in British Columbia, placing in the top 3 of every equitation class. Charisse has participated and volunteered in the World Professional Chuckwagon Associate (WPCA). She has also worked at a boarding stable with an indoor riding arena with 27 horses.

Her main love is to be outside interacting with the animals. Part of Charisse's job encompasses schooling the horses on a regular basis. Currently, Charisse is apprenticing in horsemanship; she is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Equine Studies.

Reese Parrott

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