Tanks' StoryTrail Riding

Tank is a pure bred Percheron. A light working draft horse, traditionally used for logging in this area. Although their exact origin is unknown, the first records of Percheron originated in the Perche valley in northern France back in the 1600s. These sturdy horses were originally used as war horses, then for agriculture and heavy hauling. The breed is well muscled and intelligent. They are known for their willingness to work.

Tank joined the family as a 10 month old baby from LeDuc, Alberta. Now 11 years old, he is the number one horse in the string. Tank loves to work, hates to be left behind. He's definitely the leader of the pack. Tank has a huge heart (literally and figuratively) weighing in at almost 2000lbs. Tank has no idea of his size, he's gentle enough to take 5 year old children for lessons.

Gentle, sweet Tank.

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