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Canadian Holiday Memories of Derf

Dear Tracie,

I am just e-mailing to say 'Thank you ever so much!' for taking myself and my daughter Rosie out on a trail ride back in August.

I have been meaning to e-mail you for a while, but you know how it is, you get back from holiday and hit the ground running back into that busy, hectic lifestyle.

The one hour ride we did with you was quite lovely. You were so kind and helpful with Rosie -she was so pleased when you let go of her guiding rope - she really felt proud that she'd showed you she could steer Derf herself.

Seeing the claw marks and the deer prints, really made the forest a living place. Up hills and down hills and round trees and through mud - it was great!

When I asked Rosie about her Canadian trip - the white-water rafting, the whale watching, the ziplining, the canoeing....she just smiles and whispers ' horse-riding....Derf.....'

The girl's in love with your horse!

So, thanks again, Tracie - you made a real impact on our Canadian holiday.

Kind regards
Kerry Oliveros

A Special Riding Experience

Tracie Parrott and I met at her farm last fall when I was looking for a horse riding experience. I have special needs now with chronic pain and limited mobility. Until six years ago, I rode and kept my own thoroughbred mare, and worked at a local equestrian centre, caring for the horses and teaching beginners in a camp setting. My situation had ended my riding. After talking with me and observing, Tracie was able to match me to the appropriate horse and tack. For the second lesson, she made changes to the tack that improved both comfort and function.

She began the lessons staying very close to me. Her ability to assess how the relationship between the horse and I was developing, allowed both the horse and rider to grow in confidence and enjoyment. I would recommend Tracie very highly as a horse woman and as a teacher. My rides with her were truly among the best times I have had since my disability began six years ago. I loved my time with Tracie and her horse last fall.

Marie Sewell
Dwight Ontario

The Story of Ellis and Derf

Hello Tracie,

My name is Andrea and my daughter is Ellis. Ellis had the good fortune of taking part in your camp this summer (2011). Firstly, I would like to thank you for your instruction, care and for helping Ellis live a dream and overcome a fear. Ellis had gone to your camp torn between the challenge of learning to ride a horse and her fear of being in that situation. After her first session, Ellis was very excited to have ridden a horse and delighted that she was no longer afraid of the experience. That is a remarkable gift that you gave her. Thank you.

Ellis was so touched to have ridden Derf because of his sentimentality to your stables. She said he was huge and wise and gentle. Ellis loved the natural trail and she was so proud of herself for being able to ride down a steep hill and how nice it was to completely trust her horse.

Ellis left your camp with confidence, pride in herself, a love for riding and a great respect for the horses. Ellis enjoyed every aspect of your camp from the basic instruction in the ring to the grooming responsibility at the end. Initially, it was very hard for me to send her without being there myself especially with her being only 11, but after everything she has told me about your instruction, presence and experience, I am so pleased that it was the right choice and the best experience for my daughter.

Please keep an eye out for her next summer because she has already committed to going and even has tried to recruit her brother. Thank you again for the positive and profound experience that you gave Ellis.

Andrea Harvie
Oakville, Ontario

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